Twitter Marketing #101

Sorry to drag you in from the playground but it’s time for a little Twitter Marketing #101 for hotels and restaurants.


Jennie Gundill
Account Manager

Recently we got our heads round some Facebook basics. Sorry to drag you in from the playground but it’s now time for a little follow up; Twitter Marketing #101.

Smile for the birdy!

Way back in the eons of 2006 Jack Dorsey launched this now humungous social media channel which allows you to post tweets of up to 140 characters. As with our Facebook #101 we’re going to assume your hotel or restaurant has a Twitter account and that you make the occasional tweet.

We’re also going to hope you’ve already read our pervious post on Facebook marketing as the basic rules of Twitter are very similar to Facebook when it comes to what to post and when to post (great content, great photos, great videos, and experiment, experiment, experiment).

But what about the more Twitter-specific stuff?!

Follow the leader

Who are you following? Spend some time exploring Twitter. Look for societies and newspapers and other businesses local to your restaurant or hotel. Once you’ve established a rhythm and have followers yourself, consider following people who have tweeted about you – if they haven’t followed you already they are more likely to follow you back!

Tweet, tweet

But not just like you have a megaphone and are lecturing your audience. Remember that Twitter is a conversation, and that you need to respond and retweet. Make sure you check your hotel’s @connect feed and respond to any messages or tweets about you. If there’s a particularly nice tweet about your hotel you can retweet this – it’s good for your reputation and nice for the Tweeter to be retweeted.

You’re so #fashionable

Trends – not just limited to Paris or New York. Check out the trends feed (which you can filter by location) to see what’s gaining the most traction on Twitter on any one day. Where possible, tailor your content to big trends, for example, tweet about Easter, or on International Women’s Day, you could tweet something like ‘Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Meet our head chef Molly who is a culinary genius and inspiration to her team’ (with a picture of Molly).

Hashtags (those words with this # symbol) can be used to help you be found when people are searching for certain things such as #Italianrestaurant, or, to jump on a trend. So, posting about Easter? Include #Easter in your tweet (rather than just plain old Easter).

Worth a thousand words

Of course you should be posting images but it’s worth remembering that Instagram and Twitter are less compatible than they used to be, so use normal images when you’re tweeting.

The chain

Not the one belonging to Fleetwood Mac but those things which get you everywhere on Twitter; links. To shorten links you can use something like Bitly which is a widely used platform.

And breathe

You can go back out to play. On the other hand, if you’re still hungry for more, get in touch to see how Ignite might help.

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