Wonderful Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall!

There was just something so special about The Hotel at Watergate Bay in Cornwall


Michelle Allmark-West
Concept Director

Wow what a hotel!

I have been really fortunate, I have stayed in some amazing hotels all around the world but there was just something so special about The Hotel at Watergate Bay in Cornwall. Could it have been because we had just spent a rain sodden week in a tent in Devon with a smelly dog and any hotel would be great? No I don’t believe it was to be honest. I have stayed in funkier designed hotels with grander rooms and tastier restaurants but I just fell in love with The Hotel at Watergate Bay!

Some how it has the perfect balance. The design is fun, the food is very good, the views are amazing but the atmosphere created by the brilliant staff just made it. I like the fact that the uniforms were really casual, that our dog was allowed in the bar and on the terrace whilst we had lunch. I have never felt so relaxed in a higher end hotel, whoever recruits or is in charge of operations is a genius!

This hotel has a perfect balance of style, comfort and fun – a really family friendly hotel without being too ‘family’ if you know what I mean. There were times that we were pleased we had our dog with us as we did lack small accessory on two legs, but we never felt that we were in a ‘family’ hotel. Similarly it was a great dog-friendly hotel without shouting about it, just a gentle nod like the dog bowl in the room and the freedom of where he could go (everywhere apart from the fine dining restaurant).

Honestly I cannot rave enough about the place!

Well done The Hotel at Watergate Bay!

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