Our Brand New Ignite Website

I sat down with the team responsible for this new site to find their inspiration behind it.


Aimie Neighbour
Creative Strategist

Welcome to your brand-spanking new, all singing, all dancing new Ignite website! I sat down with Paul (CEO), Sam (Head of Strategy), Adam (Head of Design), Garry (Senior Designer) and Nicola (Head of Web Development) who were responsible for this new site to find out all about it.

Over the last couple of years, in a world where transparency and honesty have become of upmost importance in business, Ignite has focused on developing its values and principles and this is what kick-started the process for the website you see today. At Ignite we’re in the business of people, it is our culture and approach that distinguishes us as much as the end product, so ensuring this comes through the website is essential. Head of Strategy, Sam, says:

“There’s a natural tension between showing what you do and saying what you’re about. We spent time ensuring our principles and culture come through each area of the site, and is why we put considerable work into the ‘About‘ section.”


This new site also needed to tie in with Ignite’s new ventures- Ignite Digital and Ignite 360°, which led the design team to play with the branding. Head of Design, Adam, says:

“We decided to keep the flame to maintain the brand identity and work from that. We needed to create the right balance between simplicity and information so the new design is light, transparent and, most importantly, easier to read!”

This new site has also allowed us to finally practise what we preach with a website that’s responsive. Our problem is we’re too busy working on client work to turn our own advice on ourselves, one being the need for a responsive site – which we now have. Our web dev team have been working hard to showcase the latest updated technologies, including HTML5, and changing the CMS from ModX to glorious WordPress. Head of Web Development, Nicola, says:

“It was a no-brainer to use WordPress as our CMS for no other reason than it’s easier for everyone in the office to use and fill in content as well as being structured in an SEO friendly way.”


One of the main things missing from our old website was the fact that we couldn’t showcase our work. A lot of time was also spent on the ‘Our Work’ section of the website, allowing us to showcase our work on a more fluid basis for both our clients and the digital design community. Senior Designer, Garry, says:

“We wanted to share what we’re doing with our peers as much as with our clients. The ‘Blog’ and ‘Our Work’ pages allow us to keep producing dynamic content which will keep the site alive.”

All in all we are very proud of the team that have worked so long and hard on this project, it has been a battle for time with so much client work pouring in but we made it eventually. CEO, Paul, says:

“I’m very excited about the launch of our new website that now perfectly showcases our culture, work, ideas and technology. Applying our sophisticated digital marketing techniques to our own business will certainly contribute to the continued growth of the agency globally. I’m extremely grateful to our talented team for delivering such an awesome result.”

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