Bella Italia

Multi-channel digital advertising takes Bella from strength to strength

How advertising brought genuine Italian-quality dining experiences to life online

Multi-channel and multi-screen digital campaigns support the brand DNA and drive sales. A focus on delivering online reservations achieves tangible business results.

Highly effective creative campaigns

Video and animated creative attracts attention to provide a meaningful first point of contact with the brand. From this initial brand touchpoint, we apply exciting creative throughout the buyer conversion funnel to influence, engage and ultimately convert them into customers. This thinking & approach is rooted in the psychology of how to influence behaviour change.

Identifying & targeting audiences

We identify audiences across Facebook, Instagram, Google and programmatic display networks using a sophisticated mix of targeting techniques. Whether they’re similar in profile to our current customers, exhibit behaviour patterns or they’re our competitor’s customers, we reach them with Bella’s brand messaging.

Be everywhere, all the time

We build the perception of being everywhere all the time to the right audiences by using multi-channel and multi-device precision targeting. This ensures high visibility to exactly these segments, driving customer acquisition. Both new customers and current customers are reached and influenced by communicating brand & product attributes consistently across platforms using a mix of media types.

A focus on Search Advertising

Dynamic search ads ensure Bella are found by people actively looking for what they do. ‘Near me’ and ‘Italian restaurant’ mobile-optimised campaigns drive high quality, booking-orientated, traffic to the website.

Real, measurable results

The results speak for themselves. Ongoing optimisation of targeting, creative and budget allocation leads to impressive uplifts in KPIs across the board. Our digital campaigns for Bella Italia sent thousands of relevant engaged people to the website and into the CRM system.

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