Cafe Murano Elements of Summer

A stunning concept- led digital campaign to promote Cafe Murano's summer menu.

Really good, simple, tasty food

Cafe Murano is Angela Hartnett’s collection of fine-casual Italian restaurants. Angela’s ethos, focusing on “really good, simple, tasty food” is at the heart of the Cafe Murano brand. In the highly-competitive London Italian restaurant market, they were looking for a way to connect with their guests by transmitting their focus on the quality and simplicity of Italian home cooking, which exemplifies what Angela learned from her family and how our food is prepared today. 

As their long-standing partner agency, we combined our experience in the industry and knowledge of the brand to create a stunning and highly successful social media campaign for Cafe Murano’s summer menus.

Staying true to brand values to deliver business results

Cafe Murano tasked us with increasing summer sales and garnering bookings that were specifically for the summer set menus, highlighting the bountiful variety of produce that the season has to offer. 

We proposed a social media campaign designed to increasing awareness, generating engagements with their content, and finally converting those users to booking customers. This strategy evolved to become the beautiful, concept- led, “Elements of Summer” campaign.

Letting the produce shine

We leveraged stunning images and videos to showcase both the wonderful raw produce of summer and the dishes that would be a part of the special summer menus, serving the dual purpose of promoting the menus and adding value to viewers who may be interested in learning about summer produce used in Italian cooking.

When creating photography and video assets for this campaign, we made sure these creatives were clean, bright, and understated, transmitting the elegant and simple essence of Cafe Murano through every shot. Our approach and messaging were straightforward: to showcase the wonderful summer produce in their own right, and how we combined them to create Italian summer classics. 

Summer, online

We ran the elements of summer campaign for one month in August 2019 across both Facebook and Instagram, showing a combination of single images, carousels, and videos. We split our campaign into two parts: One that served for general awareness of the concept behind Elements of Summer, mostly showcasing the raw produce as a teaser and getting viewers excited about the quality of the product, and one that highlighted the set- menu, showing the completed dishes, and designed to drive conversions.

We were blown away by the immediate positive impact of the campaign.

We saw a 93% video view rate, at a CPV of £0.002. With over 1.5 million impressions delivered in the one month period the campaign ran, we garnered a 9% conversion rate, showing strong booking intentions from the users being reached.

Most notably though, Cafe Murano saw a direct impact on their business: the campaign generated an estimated return on ad spend of 9:1, and a 12% and 17% Year on Year sales increase in their Covent Garden and St. James locations respectively- with website bookings leading the YoY increase.

Average YoY sales increase
Conversion rate
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