Casale Panayiotis

A beautiful brand for this revived village resort in the Cypriot mountains

An authentic village experience

Casale Panayiotis is project undertaken by a local family to reinvigorate their childhood Cypriot village. A 5 star luxury hotel that sits within in an ancient mountain range, is made up of a collection of converted houses that integrate into the village.

The brand brings together key elements of what makes Casale unique: the power of the mountains, strong sense of spirituality and a primal heartfelt connection to the land and community, with a distinctly Cypriot identity.

Discovery in the luxury market

Casale is for the luxury explorer, and the brand presents a vision of rustic luxury, of a traditional village with unique local experiences waiting to be discovered.

From a custom logotype inspired by Byzantine typography, to the copper foiling on raw materials for the in-room collateral – everything about the brand reflects a new type of luxury. A place where 5 star comforts sit in a traditional setting steeped in history and cultural depth.

Bringing the story to life online

The website is a window into a different way of living, into a world removed from daily stresses. Importantly, it carefully weaves the narrative of the village into the core purpose of the site – selling luxury hotel rooms in a beautiful Cypriot setting.

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