ETM’s Summer of Sport

Every bar in London wanted in on the action, but ETM brought it home

Six Nations

We kicked off with the rugby and drove excitement to fever pitch ahead of every weekend game with an explosive series of playful GIFs and creative on social media.

Clever creative combined with playful puns, and we owned the conversation in the run-up to every match, with over 55,700 social media engagements and guaranteed full bars ahead of the games. All pre-purchase food & drink tickets sold out, and we saw 40% capacity corporate group bookings.

61% sales uplift for the period (YoY, LfL)


From Six Nations straight into the Superbowl, we launched a multi-channel campaign to sell tickets for an all-American party at Greenwood, complete with cheerleaders, burgers, and 19 screens blasting out the big game.

With over 16,300 social engagements and tickets selling out faster than we could say TOUCHDOWN, this one night alone generated:

• 135% revenue increase (YoY)

The World Cup

As the ultimate event, we created a dedicated sub-brand to sit across the entire collection of bars, cleverly titled – Enjoy The Match. We built a dedicated landing page as the hub of all marketing activity – to make reservations, search venues and find facilities. This page received over 18,700 visits throughout the campaign.

Just like our boys on the pitch we were nimble with our targeting. Corporate bookings were secured via LinkedIn and Search PPC, and leisure bookings were targeted based on changing demographics near ETM’s venues – one approach for the week, another for the weekend.

Bringing it home

From the Six Nations in January, all the way to the World Cup, we worked with ETM to position their bars as the places to watch it all unfold. Through a combination of playful creative, clever targeting, strong relationships with corporate bookings and the agile timing of comms throughout, and offline in-venue executions, we knocked it out the park in every phase of this campaign.

In the period January – July 2018, ETM achieved up to 45% LfL sales uplift in participating venues!

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