Greyhound Cafe

Bangkok Street Style Lands in London

Enter the Big Dogs

Greyhound Cafe is a Bangkok institution.

Launching in London called for a multi-channel digital campaign with a bang. They needed insider knowledge of the city’s thriving dining scene, and access to the most discerning digital audiences.

Of course, they knew who to call.

Fashion is a Statement. Style is an Identity.

More than a restaurant, Greyhound Cafe is a lifestyle brand.

Its all-encompassing aesthetic speaks to foodies, fashionistas, and everything in between. Our design needed to capture this. 

Always ready to prove our cool kid credentials, our slick creative centred on translating this aesthetic across an audacious multi-channel campaign. We knew that such a strong brand identity deserved to be notorious.

Basic With A Twist

Something we love about Greyhound Cafe: nothing is ever as it seems. It’s deceptively uncomplicated.

Our campaign built curiosity by flooding social media with simple yet enticing, fast-moving GIFS. We didn’t provide all the answers at once; we simply let the story unfold, letting users look for themselves.

Thai Trending

And boy did they look. Our results were truly astonishing, exceeding industry benchmarks across the board and driving more than just mass awareness. Our Facebook videos translated into hundreds of clicks through to the website.

As if that wasn’t good enough, this dog really got the bone on Instagram. With over a million impressions, we saw hundreds of sign-ups for Greyhound’s Taste of Greyhound platter and email database, alongside essential website visits.

As Good As It Melts

It’s one thing to create demand; another, to capture it. We made sure that search campaigns delivered clicks, calls and customer bookings.

Our “branded” campaign improved Greyhound Cafe’s organic ranking, so it’s the first site at the top of the page when you search for Greyhound London.

And speaking of London, we know this city. We know who is searching, and what they’re searching for. Our cleverly chosen keywords and intelligent audience targeting achieved an 8% higher click-through rate than our industry benchmark.

We'll be quiet now, and let the results speak for themselves.

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