Hangovers cured by Pho

Pho's Christmas hangover campaign creates shockwaves across London & the UK

An award-winning Christmas

Instead of chasing the crowded Christmas party market, our breakthrough insight was to focus on the fallout, the hangover. The best bit? It speaks to a truth at the heart of the product: Pho is an incredible hangover cure. This combo of insights set the scene for a high impact, truly engaging and successful campaign.

A competition to win one of 500 emergency hangover cures kickstarted the campaign, with hangover guides, Uber tie-ins, engaging videos, prizes and social content building momentum throughout December.

Uber Eats partnership - a day of free Pho!

On statistically the most hungover day of the year we partnered with Uber Eats to giveaway 3000 free pho’s, solidifying it as the place to go when you’re hanging. A genius move, we’re aware ?

Pandemonium ensued, and it did the job with wide coverage from @London, About Time magazine, Mr. Hyde and Clerkenwell Boy, most impressively @phorestaurants was trending on Twitter for the day.

We were everywhere

Carefully targeted ads across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and Google led to incredible awareness, with the campaign reaching 3 million people.

In case you were wondering, it genuinely cures hangovers

Illustrated infographics broke down a bowl of pho, explaining the role of each ingredient in solving those pesky hangovers ?

And yes, it was record breaking

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