Jersey Crab Shack

Family run, with both feet planted squarely in the sand, it’s a foodie haven; known and loved across the island of Jersey.

Jersey Crab Shack is a paradigm of seaside cheer

With several of their locations undergoing an interior refresh, the branding needed some love in order to reflect these changes online and in-restaurant. We designed a new brand identity and website evoking that sun-soaked, beachside essence.

Beside the Sea

There’s only one way to get a true feel for the island and the restaurant’s place there. We packed our bags and took Ignite on the road.

Dominic, the brand’s CEO, gave us a personalised tour of the island, where his family have lived for generations. Our branding needed to reflect nostalgia and strong roots.

Nautical Inspired

The brand had to recall the feeling of bouncing in from the beach with sandy feet to enjoy the freshest fish available, all in view of crashing waves. Fishing boat inspired typography and nautical motifs helped carry that feeling throughout the visual language and was reflected through interior design details in-restaurant.

Bringing the brand to life online

We designed a sparkling new website off the back of the new brand identity that really showcased the Jersey Crab Shack restaurants.

A seamless mobile experience

A focus on the mobile experience was key to making this a successful website.

Making bookings on the go became extremely simple and a custom menu system allowed users to view in-depth nutritional information of each dish, creating an all round easy to use website.

High Tides

As an established favourite among Jersey locals, a great response from the restaurant’s regulars was key to our client’s satisfaction. We’ve been reliably informed… they loved it:

“Ignite worked with us to translate our vision and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Most importantly, the reaction of our new and old customers has been really positive!” Dominic Jones, CEO of Jersey Crab Shack

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