Masala Zone Mango Mania Campaign

A seasonal campaign to refresh Masala Zone's brand perception

Not the brand you used to know

Having undergone a refurbishment and repositioning in 2016 that shifted their dining experience and price point, the Masala Zone restaurant collection were looking for ways to align and solidify customer perception of the brand and to differentiate themselves in the highly competitive London Indian restaurant market.

So Masala Zone brought us onboard to address immediate marketing objectives while also helping the business grow long-term. Working closely with Masala Zone’s leadership and marketing teams, we created a series of seasonal campaigns that would simultaneously drive footfall and increase average spend per head, while appealing to a new demographic and creating a strong regular crowd. 

Celebrating what you love

To devise our strategy, we began with a series of immersion workshops with the Masala Zone team, where we drew out the essence of the brand to understand their values and clearly identify our objectives. It became clear that the mango season was a very special time for the Masala Zone team, and we wanted to help them celebrate it.

We used these guiding principles to create Mango Mania, an integrated campaign with its own vibrant visual identity and photography, designed to create awareness around Masala Zone both online through exciting creative, and offline in the restaurants. 


Bringing the season to life

The campaign, which ran from early May to early June, invited guests to Masala Zone to enjoy India’s beloved mango season. It leveraged exciting creative on Facebook and Instagram, featuring stop motion animation and frame transitions to “stop the scroll” on social and capture the users attention. Within the restaurants, the Mango Mania activation really came to life through carefully curated mango based dishes and a set menu, mango drinks, and  themed decor.

Our campaign messaging was centered around two offers designed to drive footfall: Firstly, guests who ordered from the Mango Set Menu would receive a free, homemade mango chutney, prepared especially by our talented chefs. Secondly, any guest wearing mango or yellow when they dined at Masala Zone would receive a free mango lassi or cocktail.

Harvesting fruitful results

We couldn’t have been happier with the performance of this campaign with our new clients and now ongoing partners. Our online campaign, paired with Masala Zone’s in- house efforts, delivered a holistic experience that was valuable to guests and delivered results for our client. 

The campaign successfully created a buzz online, raising awareness, driving website visits and bookings. With a 20% conversion rate, these actions resulted in an outstanding return on ad spend of £16 for every £1 spent! 

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