Pernod Ricard & Marriott launch Europe’s most exciting Gin society

The Drum's Marketing Awards 2020 - Highly Commended Campaign

One continent, 32 countries and over 200 bars

Pernod Ricard & Marriott Intl. were looking for a creative way to tap into #WorldGinDay with the objective of acquiring new customers and driving footfall to their cocktail bars. 

We delivered an umbrella campaign that proved to be one of the most successful campaigns ever run by Pernod & Marriott

Secrecy & urgency to drive footfall

Emulating a private members’ club, we built a website to sit behind a gated “apply to join” page, where guests would input their details in exchange for access to the exclusive list of participating bars where they could find the secret menu for a limited time.

The Secret Gin Society was born: a place for gin lovers to access hidden cocktails and exclusive events at some of Europe’s most incredible bars. The brand that we developed was inspired by speakeasies and centered around codebreaking, reinforcing the sense of exclusivity and secrecy.

Marketing at Scale needs a smart approach

To ensure the most optimal use of budget for this Europe-wide campaign, we had to implement it locally. So we created city & country clusters based on previous sales data from Pernod & Marriott as well as user data from social platforms. In the last stage of this phased campaign, we identified 10 core cities across the list and this is where we concentrated the majority of the efforts. The results were staggering across the board, with a 35% Sales uplift across all 200 locations.

The online-offline dichotomy finds unison through gamification

One of the key elements that made this continent wide campaign was the local delivery at outlet level. We bridged the gap between online advertising and offline implementation through the “crack the code” element. The special menus created for the occasion included two hidden codes to be deciphered using the coasters.

Creating a new lifestyle brand required a heavy focus on the content strategy to build authority both at brand level and at the local level. We leveraged those 200 bars social accounts to tap into their audience and promote our own secret gin society brand.

What’s next: 2020 vision & beyond

The campaign not only drove revenue and awareness to venues but was also very well received by both guests and clients that it is becoming an established brand and it is being rolled out to several continents with multiple activations each year.

“Truly the greatest F&B campaign we have ever run in our continent” Gustaf Pilebjer – Director of F&B Europe, Marriott Intl.

The most exclusive gin-lifestyle platform in Europe

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