Secret Gin Society

Using Secrecy to Drive Footfall

Targeting Europe

Marriott International, in partnership with Pernod Ricard, asked us to create a brand and campaign for #WorldGinDay in their hotel bars across Europe, with the objective of acquiring new customers and driving footfall. 

A Sense of Urgency

To succeed, we needed to move beyond getting people excited for#WorldGinDay and give a reason for customers to choose Marriott bars specifically to enjoy their gin cocktails.

So we created Secret Gin Society: A place for gin lovers to access hidden cocktails and exclusive events at some of Europe’s most incredible bars. 

We leveraged the limited nature of #WorldGinDay to create excitement and a sense of urgency that would drive customers to Marriott bars.


Design at the Heart of the Experience

Our design concept, inspired by speakeasies and centered around codebreaking, reinforced the sense of exclusivity and secrecy.

Print collateral was central to the campaign activation, where the menus and coasters served as tools to unlock the Secret Gin Society secret cocktail options.

The menus included a brief history of gin, with the available cocktails listed within the timeline; each highlighted year told a story about the history of gin. Every menu also included two codes to be deciphered using the coasters. 


Tasteful Lead Generation

Emulating a private members’ club, we built to sit behind a gated “apply to join” page, where guests would input their details in exchange for access to the list of participating bars and restaurants. 

Marketing at Scale

The marketing campaign that followed the launch of this new umbrella brand, and ran for approximately one month, was a great success.

We used an integrated and phased campaign approach across Instagram, Facebook and email to deliver a seamless brand experience and messaging on all channels, targeting highly- specific, custom audiences across Europe, driving traffic to the website.

The campaign was also very well received by participating venues, who echoed the request for on-going activations around the Secret Gin Society brand. 

And it worked.

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