The Whole Cow

A legendary campaign for America's Steakhouse

Smith & Wollensky is an institution

Having been open for over 40 years, S&W represents the cream of the crop.

We used this campaign as an opportunity to further spread S&W’s recent design re-brand – a sparkling visual aesthetic that brings the moody, downlit steakhouse dining room experience right to your home. Not forgetting, as with every campaign, that the primary objective was to drive sales.

America’s favourite

This campaign highlighted what makes Smith & Wollensky a true powerhouse – quality, creativity, a taste for greatness and most importantly, sustainability; a necessity in today’s culinary ecosystem. When you’re on the ranch or behind the scenes at a restaurant, nothing is wasted.

12-courses, nose-to-tail

The 12-course tasting menu, featuring old favourites like the New York Strip, and more adventurous treats like sweetbreads, was also a great way to celebrate Smith & Wollensky’s relationships with their suppliers.

Taking the Bull by the horns

While any in-store event’s primary objective is to drive sales, we couldn’t resist using the campaign as an opportunity to boost our new branding design with a moody, downlit steakhouse visual aesthetic.

Our landing page was the hub for VIP contest entries and reservations, so we ensured it was optimised to collect as many conversions as possible, combining a prominently featured call-to-action and enticing language with clear, straightforward usability.

Creating something spectacular

The visual collateral we produced was nostalgic, evoking the grainy textures of an old film reel. Ahead of the competition, we applied animations to these graphics in a heavily promoted social media giveaway, allowing ample pre-engagement before reservations opened to the public. Offline, our bespoke, event-exclusive brand was applied to menu design and in-restaurant signage.

Until the cows come home

We watched competition entry figures anxiously, but Smith & Wollensky faithful fans never disappoint. In a mad rush during the final hours of the competition, the public pushed total entries to over 10,200! This now legendary campaign also saw…

competition entries
website conversion rate
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