Smith & Wollensky

Creating a website with honest integrity at its heart.

Genuine craft, American values

At S&W, head chefs are on first name terms with the farmers that rear the cattle. The dry ageing is done at the restaurants, with their own butchers and chefs overseeing every step of the process. This is the story of craftsmanship, of American success and dedication – full of passion and obsessed with quality. The website tells that story.

A website with natural confidence

The strap-line we developed – ‘America’s Steakhouse’ – instantly felt right. It reflects a group at ease with itself, a powerhouse of the restaurant scene and is the cornerstone around which the website and digital brand was developed.

Iconic websites for iconic locations

Every restaurant has its own website, reflecting the status as occupying the most iconic locations in America’s most iconic cities. The positioning online embeds their importance and place as a local institution.

A focus on online reservations

Carefully considered conversion paths and easy to use simply designed booking engines throughout the site led to an uplift in conversion rate of 130%.

Not gonna lie, we’re pretty damn proud of that.

Dedicated campaign pages

Marketing placed at the heart of the website, with dedicated areas on the site to promote exciting campaign ideas such as ‘Smith & Wollensky Experiences’.

And yes, the results kicked ass

Online Revenue YOY
Conversion Rate
Online Reservations YOY
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